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Roblee Plumbing has been serving Connecticut based clients since 1993. Centrally located in Durham, Connecticut we've established ourselves as a reliable, knowledgeable, and personable local business.

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Sump & Ejector Pumps

Some homes have a high probability of basement flooding and with the help of a sump pump you can rest at night or go to work knowing your basement is protected.  Most pumps are automatic and at the first sign of water it can be pumped into the drainage system keeping your basement dry.  Sewage ejector pumps are for homes that are below the level of the outside sewer system.  These pumps grind up and discharge the waste into your existing sewer piping. It is extremely important that these pumping systems are in perfect operating condition. A failure of your sewage ejector system can cause major damage to your property due to backups and overflowing of sewage and grey water into your home or business.


We possess a full range of residential drain cleaning equipment with the capability to properly clear any fixture, drain pipe, or sewer connection up to 100' outside of your home. In some cases, due to the nature of the obstruction, normal drain cleaning equipment will not solve the problem. If this occurs we can repair or replace damaged piping or fixtures as needed, both inside and out of your home.


Diagnosing the root of the cause quickly and efficiently will save you money. We have been unclogging pipes and drainage for years and we are familiar with the troubled areas and can solve the issues fast to get your water flowing again.

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