Be Prepared

Regular maintenance is important in the prevention of plumping problems. The best possible way to avoid pricey plumbing services in the future is to properly maintain your water, well, drainage and water softening systems.

Now is the time for you to give your plumbing systems the maintenance they need!

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Well Repair

Avoid costly repairs by keeping your well system up to date.

Understand your well system - view our schematic!

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light systems are one of the leading types of water treatment products. These systems consist of an ultraviolet light surrouned by a chamber through which your water passes. The special UV rays render any harmful bacteria found in your water system by a potability test inactive making your drinking water safe. If you are considering selling your property or concerned about your water's safety, contact Roblee Plumbing. We can assist you with testing your water, supplying and installing the proper equipment to purify your drinking water.

Well Pumps & Tanks

If your house has well water then you have a submersible well pump in the well or you have a jet pump that is probably in the basement or in a well pit by the well casing. The well pump, tanks and controls are constantly under pressure and do need service periodically. Early signs of trouble to a well system could be as simple as air in the lines, inconsistant water pressure (surging while running water), or water that is periodically stopping and then returning on its own. If you are experiencing problems call for service while you still have water instead of waiting for the system to fail completely and have no water. The pressure tanks that are typically found in the basement work in conjuction with the well pump and if not properly working they can and will cause damage to the well pump, pipe and wiring in your well. A small service call charge to check your pressure tank and possible replace a pressure switch and gauge is considerably less expensive than causing damage to the well pump and components outside. Water quality can play a big part in how long your pump will last and also determining how long the main components inside the house will last. See water conditioning section below.

Water Testing

Roblee Plumbing specializes in water testing for minerals or Ph conditions that may be harmful to you or your plumbing system.  We can do onsite testing with instant results or in certain situations we can have it tested and further analyzed in a lab in case there is something beyond the normal impurities in the water that we can resolve when we know what we are working with.  Water issues can be solved by filtration systems that can condition or soften the water.  If you have a well, sometimes it may need to be chlorinated to kill bacteria or neutralize any impure minerals. Having your water tested yearly will keep you and your family safe and your plumbing system in order.  Enjoy piece of mind knowing that Roblee Plumbing is performing inspections and testing to your home or office.

Inspections & Well Extension

In some cases the exisiting well on your property could be buried and possible be getting contaminated by surface water and/or polluntants. By law these wells should be extended above ground level and properly sealed. This process involves excavating the well area and extending the well casing above ground; extending exisiting wires and piping as needed; properly backfilling the area; having water tested and treating the well if needed. If you are planning to sell your property and have a buried well head you will be required to have the well extended to facilitate the sale.

Water Conditioning, Softening & Filtration

These systems help protect and prolong the life of your plumbing system. By conditioning and softening the water it changes the water quality so that it saves on water and energy along with soap and detergents. Hard water can leave nasty stains on your dishes and flatware that is difficult to remove. By keeping your water healthy it will prevent more expensive headaches down the road.

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